Boronic acid series 
Boronic acid MIDA ester 
OLED Intermediates 
Pyridine series 
pharmaceutical intermediates 
Amino acid series 

R&D Labs in Shanghai and Shijiazhuang

•Lab area: 1000m2
•Lab equipments
  • 1L-100L reactors
  • Low temperature: -80oC
  • High temperature: 250oC
  • Vacuum:  >0.01mmHg
  • Pressure: 1kg-75kg

•Analytic instruments
  •HPLC (2)
  •GC (2)
  •LC-MS (1)
  •NMR (Share with public platform)
Manufacturing Sites in Shanghai and Sichuan
GMP Facilities
Quality System
Intellectual Property (IP) protection

HR process

Background check
Non-disclosure agreement
Resignation interview

Operation security

Access control
High risk/sensitive area protection
Equipments/Materials coding

IT Security

Access control of electronic equipments such as Laptop, Server and USB
Back-up and recovery plan

Information Control

Hard and electronic copy control
Need -to -know principle

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